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About Polymer Network:

Polymer Network APP let buyers and sellers unite on a one similar platform to discuss their requirements and meet them. Polymer Network is an initiative of PolymerMIS which is one of the top most names in the field of Petrochemical and Polymer Market all over the world. PolymerMIS is a world renowned provider of business critical industry news and real time price alerts.
Polymer Network APP is at ease to use and also totally free to download.

APP Features:

• Buy and sell posting at ease.
• Port location/ delivery location etc can be entered accordingly by users.
• Price of the product with tax included can be inserted with several currency options
offered for Indian & Overseas markets.
• Option is there to see the previous list of buy inquires and sell postings posted.
• It locates all existing buyers and sellers geographically.
• To post buy and sell requirements is totally free.
• Chat Rooms & Private chat for the users.
• Any users can be searched which are on the app.
• Real time alerts for the leads posted by favorite users.
• User profile for quick search and view.
• Privacy features to protect your personal information.
• New Age design for better feedback.
• Support system to contact our team for any queries.

Updated on
7 Oct 2020

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Justtannoor focuses on roasting the unique Omani way in the region, where we use all the contents of the banqueting process, with a very specific specialty, distinguished by a certain sheep or tess, the best in the region (local tess + naimi sheep) only, for occasions and weddings in a very different way from all restaurants Through which the best spices are selected from certified suppliers from the Omani regions, where the use of the original Omani tannour is used, and the best types of sheep and tess are obtained from special manors, which is also approved in this regard. Sheep’s or tess’s age from one month to four months only according to the customer’s choice, and the choice will be made with high accuracy from the specialists in this work or by us personally.
Updated on
25 Oct 2019

About This App

If your child’s school is running the iClassCMS platform, be sure to download the iClass app. The iClass app is the ultimate school/parent communication tool. Check all of the latest news and events happening at your child’s school and never miss out on any important message with the notification alerts.
Updated on
28 Oct 2021

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Hunter Douglas has long been a partner with the Ronald McDonald House Charity and recently became involved with Camp Ronald McDonald For Good Times which provides a recreational, medically supervised camp getaway for kids and their families while they are receiving cancer treatment. Hunter Douglas created a new program called Shades of Happiness which was a contest that involved the kids in being able to submit drawings that conveyed ‘happiness.’ The winning drawings were printed onto shades by our architectural products division and were placed on the windows in the camps dining hall. Watch the video to learn more about this wonderful program.

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HANS HYUNDAI is one of the leading names in the Automobiles dealership of Hyundai with one state of the art showroom at Moti Nagar and 4 service outlets in Moti Nagar, Badli, Zakhira & Naraina. Since 1999, we have sold thousands of cars. With our state of art, infrastructure and highly skilled manpower, we are commanding a very strong customer loyalty in our after-sales service network. We know what it takes to make a discerning customer happy from pre-sales advice to quick paperwork and prompt delivery. And we know how to keep our customers happy with post-sales attention and support.We have a highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals, committed to giving you the most comfortable & scintillating motoring experience and a host of Quality Services extending to spheres of sales, finance, genuine Hyundai accessories, servicing & attention.

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In recent years, online ( or distance learning ) has grown strongly in France, both in companies, in higher education (mooch whether or not they issue diplomas ) and in secondary education.

More participatory than cards, static exercises or videos, these distance courses given by professionals help participants in their online learning or training and offer personalized support in the acquisition of skills on a multitude of subjects.

What Kartable brings

Kartable is the specialist in the online course from primary to terminal. In the main subjects ( maths, French, physical chemistry, etc. ), the platform welcomes hundreds of thousands of students each year who learn, progress and succeed thanks to Kartable. Once you are registered, you are immersed in a studious and pleasant work environment thanks to which you successfully complete your education.

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Designed by Medical Doctors and Engineers, MediPocket integrates machine learning and artificial intelligence to help reduce medical non-adherence by providing users with prescription discounts and tools to help them take charge of their health.

We know it’s hard to keep up with your health and the health of your family. It feels like a part-time job–keeping up with everyone’s prescriptions, paying for them, remembering to take them as directed, managing appointments and locating medical records when you need them.

Well, what if there was one app that could safely store ALL your family’s personal health records, remind you of appointments and prescription refills, save you up to 80% off prescriptions, deliver them to your home, check symptoms when you’re feeling ill AND recommend a course of action? Now there is.

Your Health in Your Pocket. MediPocket was created to help you keep track of what matters most – your health. MediPocket helps reduce medical non-adherence and provides you with tools to help prevent unnecessary and costly trips to urgent care and the emergency room.

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In this constantly evolving world we partner with key technology companies and manufacturers in the UK, Switzerland, France, Germany and the UAE, to provide the best service possible. No matter the size of the project or ambition of the designers, we work closely with our partners to bring the most innovative and forward-thinking lighting solutions to life.

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Tractor Junction is India’s leading digital marketplace for Farmers. We helps farmers to Buy, Sell, Finance, Insure and Service New/Used tractor and farm equipment. Tractor Junction has revolutionized the Indian tractor industry by bringing transparency on pricing, information and comparison of tractors, farm equipment and related financial products.

Tractor Junction lists more than 300+ new tractors, 75+ harvesters, 580 + implements, 135+ farm tools, and 120+ tyres from across the brands. All the popular products present here include Mahindra, Sonalika, Swaraj, New Holland, Eicher, John Deere and many more. Tractor Junction was founded in 2017 with the idea to provide a transparent platform for Indian farmers. The brain behind this idea is Rajat Gupta (Founder) and his better half Shivani Gupta (Co-Founder), who want to make farmers self-dependent. Tractor Junction’s head office is located in Alwar, Rajasthan.

Here at Tractor Junction, we every day come up with new and innovative ideas for how to provide complete information to the users. You can get each and every information about agriculture with us. Every farmer can find out all top brands, new tractors , harvesters, implements, tyres and many more. Not only this, here you can sell your used tractors, harvesters, implements, livestock, land & properties. Along with this, we here provide you with a daily tractor, agriculture and Agri news that update your knowledge about agriculture. Other than this, here you can insure your tractor, take a loan and get on road price.

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Harpreet Ford has a rich legacy, and we have established our footsteps with 5 state-of-the-art showrooms and 5 service outlets.

Since 1996, we have sold more than 100 Thousand cars. With our state of the art and infrastructure and highly skilled manpower, today we are the fourth largest dealer group in India and commanding a very strong customer loyalty in our after sales service network.

We know what it takes to make a discerning customer happy from pre-sales advice to quick paperwork and prompt delivery. And we know how to keep our customers happy with post-sales attention and support.

We have a highly skilled and dedicated team Of professionals, committed to give you the most comfortable & scintillating motoring experience and a host of Quality Services extending to spheres of sales, finance, genuine Ford Accessories, servicing & attention.

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Pennsylvania’s Oil Region is rich with history.

It was within the Oil Region that, in 1859, “Colonel” Edwin Drake drilled the world’s first commercial oil well, initiating a chain of events that literally changed the world.

But that’s our history.

Welcome to the future — your future. Welcome to the Oil Region. Whether you’re considering a visit, setting up shop, a permanent move, catching up with your hometown or brushing up on history, we have the information you need.

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In 2008, former collegiate athlete, Victor Davanzo, recognized that the world of fitness and nutrition was evolving. Friends and family bought more organic, natural foods and performance training was no longer just for athletes. Busy professionals were pushing themselves to new heights with HIIT, CrossFit, and Metcon style training.

Clean, innovative nutritional products for active people, busy professionals and fitness enthusiasts. The concept was novel at the time but it became our mission – our obsession. We sought to inspire active individuals to become their best selves without sacrificing the rest of their lives. We accomplish this by creating products that are convenient, effective, easy to understand, and use only clean, proven ingredients. At RSP Nutrition, our products put a premium on performance – without asking you to sacrifice the life you’ve worked so hard to earn. We live inspired by demanding the best of ourselves and our products, and by inspiring others to ask the same of themselves.